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What does plumbing include



1) Common plumbing is divided into water floor heating and radiator (also known as heat sink).
2) Plumbing is one of the radiant floor heating, and it is also a popular heating method at present. It is quite advantageous compared to electric heating. Plumbing is through the ground coil, there is circulating hot water in the pipe, through the heat medium in the floor radiant layer, the entire ground is evenly heated, and the ground's own heat storage and heat radiation are conducted from bottom to top. heating purpose. Since the temperature gradient gradually decreases from the sole of the foot to the head is formed indoors, it gives people a comfortable feeling of warm feet and cool head. Floor radiant heating conforms to the fitness theory of "warm feet and cool tops" in traditional Chinese medicine. It is a comfortable heating method and a symbol of modern life quality.
3) The difference between water floor heating and radiator:
[1] Water floor heating is the overall heating of the ground, and the heating is uniform;
[2] The radiator terminal dissipates heat, driving the room temperature, and the indoor temperature is uneven;
[3] Water and floor heating, the ground is hot, the feet are warm and the top is cool, which is more suitable for traditional Chinese medicine.
[4] Water floor heating takes up more floor height. Water floor heating ground structure: thermal insulation layer, heating layer, heat storage layer. The thermal insulation layer is often referred to as the thermal insulation board, the heating layer is the heating pipe, and the thermal storage layer is the cement layer. Aside from the floor or floor tile height, the floor heating part occupies a floor height of about 5.5 cm.
[5] The radiator water supply pipes are generally buried under the ground. However, the pipes are directly buried in the concrete and do not directly occupy the floor height.
【6】The radiator heats up faster. When the water floor heating starts to heat, it is necessary to first heat the cement layer above the hot water pipe, then heat the floor, and then the floor heats the air. It takes a long time from opening to reaching the expected temperature; while the radiator terminal dissipates heat, the cement layer does not need to be heated. And the floor, the indoor temperature rises faster for the first time. (Therefore, the use of water floor heating and radiators are very different. Generally, water floor heating is not completely closed. When no one is at home, it is also in operation and not completely closed.)


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