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Wall-hung boiler heating system integration is the general trend



In the late autumn, starting from the three northeastern provinces, all parts of the north have entered the heating period one after another, and the southern heating market has also ushered in a sales peak. At the same time, the design, construction, maintenance and other services generated around the heating demand are about to enter a climax, and the HVAC industry has entered a "lively" period. Shanghai Linnei, with the implementation of its "heating system sales" strategy, is still able to operate rigorously and in an orderly manner despite the chaos.

So far, Rinnai has been established for 96 years and has been in China for 22 years. It enjoys the reputation of "world gas appliance giant". In recent years, affected by policies and the real estate market, the heating industry has entered a period of smooth operation, and adjustment and transformation have immediately become hot words in the industry. Under such circumstances, Rinnai proposed a new idea of ​​system sales—one-stop system integration sales model.

Wang Yanhong said that the country's environmental governance policy is also a positive. The potential market demand for wall-hung boilers brought about by the introduction and implementation of policies such as coal-to-gas conversion has also become an important factor supporting Linnei's launch of the heating system sales strategy.

"On the other hand, projects such as the West-East Gas Pipeline have provided sufficient gas sources for the market and have become a strong driving force for the transformation of the wall-hung boiler industry." Wang Yanhong provided reporters with a set of data: in 2015, the national natural gas supply capacity exceeded 260 billion cubic meters meters, an increase of 2.6 times compared with 2011. The rising gas supply and household penetration rate are undoubtedly a solid guarantee for the expansion of the wall-hung boiler heating market. Under such a macro-environmental ecology, Rinnai, who has accumulated rich experience in related fields and a mature technical foundation, followed the trend.

"Household heating systems are very common in Japan. Rinnai's parent company has rich experience in equipment manufacturing and construction management. Based on this, coupled with Shanghai Rinnai's 22 years of deep cultivation in the Chinese market, and rich experience in development, manufacturing and service, our The products are more in line with the characteristics of China." Wang Yanhong admitted that the growth of user needs, the solution of gas source concerns, and the promotion of policies have undoubtedly provided very favorable conditions for the development of gas heating systems. 

It is reported that the condensing wall-hung boiler developed by Rinnai according to China's national conditions is not only energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but also has no problems such as carbon deposition and loud noise that plague Chinese users.

"System integration is the general trend. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of living standards, heating as a rigid demand has promoted the rapid development of the domestic HVAC industry. Heating is a systematic project, and each link in the industrial chain plays an independent and related role. Therefore, in order to seek development, enterprises need to make breakthroughs from the overall perspective of system optimization. The proposal of Rinnai’s system sales concept is based on this premise and is the first attempt to face the new environment of the heating market.” Wang Yanhong, Director of Shanghai Rinnai Marketing Department said in an interview.


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