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How to choose the electric ball valve correctly



According to reports, in the next 10 years, my country will have more than 20,000 kilometers of oil pipelines to be built, including cross-border oil pipelines such as Russia and Kazakhstan. In addition, following the "West-East Gas Pipeline", my country will build more than 20,000 kilometers of transnational gas pipelines and branch lines.

These projects will require more than 20,000 large-diameter pipeline ball valves, small and medium-diameter ball valves, and flat valves; build 10-20 large oil refineries, and build or expand a batch of 800,000-1,000,000-ton large-scale ethylene plants. There are more than ten large-scale PTA plants approved and pending approval, with an annual output of 500,000 to 600,000 tons, which will provide a huge market for the valve industry; the construction of large-scale fertilizer and synthetic ammonia plants will also provide opportunities for the valve manufacturing industry. ; In addition, direct coal liquefaction is likely to form a new industry. Due to the high working temperature, high pressure and high solid particle content of the coal direct liquefaction process, and high requirements for valves, an emerging market will be formed.

According to valve industry technicians, when developing these new electric ball valves, attention should be paid to the promotion and application of new technologies. For example, the development of large-diameter integral ball valves in long-distance pipelines should adopt integral welding technology; in order to improve the corrosion resistance and erosion resistance of the valve sealing surface, a few manufacturers have begun to use the supersonic flame spraying tungsten carbide process, and attention should be paid to the use of nano-scale Material modification sealing surface and development of laser cladding technology.

In addition, the cobalt-chromium-tungsten plasma wire feeding automatic surfacing technology, which has been used in the valve industry for many years, should continue to be promoted to replace manual welding to ensure the quality of the valve sealing surface; in order to realize the automatic control of the process flow of the engineering device, an intelligent electric and hydraulic transmission device has been developed. Use valves; speed up the development of new transmission methods such as magnetic transmission, and develop a new series of closed magnetic transmission electric ball valves to eliminate the leakage point between the valve stem and the packing, making it suitable for flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive media and pipelines Locking is required to avoid misuse.

It is understood that the localization rate of large-scale ethylene plants in my country has reached 80%, and the high-temperature and high-pressure valves used for ethylene have also been localized under Sinopec. The effect is good, and the product quality and performance are better than imported products. Sinopec Localization Office is full of confidence in promoting the localization of valves, and believes that domestic key enterprises have the ability to undertake the key task of this project. After discussion, the participants agreed that the 1500-pound electric ball valve can be localized, and the 2500-pound electric ball valve can also be partially localized.


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