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Advantages of electric valves over traditional valves



1. The package is re-locked

If there is a slight leak at the packing, retighten the stem nut. But don't lock it too tightly, generally lock 1/4 turn to 1 turn, it will not leak.

2. Replace the seat and seal

1. Disassembly

Put the valve in the half-open position, flush and remove the possible dangerous substances inside and outside the valve body, close the ball valve, remove the connecting bolts and nuts on the flanges on both sides, and then completely remove the valve from the pipeline. Disassemble the drive device in sequence—actuator, connecting bracket, lock washer, stem nut, butterfly shrapnel, gram, wear-resistant sheet, stem packing.

Remove the bonnet connecting bolts and nuts, separate the bonnet from the valve body, and remove the bonnet gasket. Make sure the ball valve is in the "closed" position. This makes it easier to remove it from the body and then the seat. Gently push the stem down through the body hole until it is fully removed, then remove the O-ring and lower stem packing. But be careful not to scratch the stem surface and the sealing part of the valve body stuffing box.

2. Reassembly

Clean and inspect disassembled parts. It is highly recommended to replace the seat and bonnet gaskets with a spare parts kit. Assemble in the reverse order of disassembly. Cross-lock the flange connection bolts to the specified torque. Tighten the stem nut to the specified torque.

After installing the actuator, input the corresponding signal, and turn the valve stem to drive the valve core to rotate, so that the valve can be opened and closed. If possible, perform pressure sealing test and performance test on the valve according to relevant standards before reinstalling the pipeline.


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