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Specific price support policies for clean heating introduced



According to the policy, for areas suitable for "coal-to-electricity", a residential electricity price will be implemented for the reasonable heating power of residents determined by each province. Improve the peak-valley electricity price system by implementing the peak-valley electricity price policy on the grid side, improving the division of peak-valley time-sharing on the sales side, and appropriately expanding the price difference between peak-valley times. Encourage the implementation of the peak-valley time-of-use electricity price policy on the basis of the tiered electricity price for residents, and appropriately extend the valley period during the heating season. Villages or natural villages are transformed into electric heating or heat pumps and other electric auxiliary heating for heating through "coal-to-electricity" transformation, and the same price policy is implemented as residential households' "coal-to-electricity" heating. Encourage the reduction of heating and electricity costs, and use valley section electricity for heat storage or heating, and implement valley section transmission and distribution prices that are 50% lower than the average transmission and distribution price.

For areas suitable for "coal-to-gas", comprehensive measures should be taken to reduce the cost of clean heating gas and support rural "coal-to-gas". The sales price of residential "coal-to-gas" heating gas shall be implemented according to the residential gas price. Each locality may formulate a tiered price system for heating gas.


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